Friday, September 14, 2007

Inside the Serpent Wards

Are you wondering why there is a space upon casting the Serpent Wards of Rhasta the Shadow Shaman?Well, for me, its originally made to trap someone inside of it to feel the massive damage of all the spitting wards. Now, anyone guess how to trap an opponent inside those wards exactly and accurately? For a team-to-team battle, its easy. A stunner is needed to execute this play. Once the opponent gets stunned, just cast directly the Serpent Wards onto it. And by means of solo performance, meaning executing this play with just Rhasta alone, you will be needing a Eul's Divine Scepter. Simply cast Cyclone to the opponent then cast Serpent Wards while still in the Cyclone. You will notice that the Cyclone with the opponent is in the middle of the Serpent Wards. Don't forget to control the wards. Simply select all of them then press the right-click button upon the opponent inside the Serpent Wards. After doing those, you are free to disable the opponent and give all you got to kill it. That's one of a hell killing techniques by Rhasta.

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Bonefang said...

i am a newb, and even i do not need Euls to cast ward. to ensure the damage from wards, there is shackles. else, might as well get hex, put the ward on the critter.
If you miss, you have shackles to catch him.. better than eules is to rush for aghanims.