Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Last Hit and Deny

During my early days of playing DotA, I'm not aware of this two things. Before, I just focus on hitting those creeps even without noticing that money is earned when you inflict last hit. Also, I don't kill my own creeps because my focus is more on leveling up. Eventually, as we play over time, finally some of us get aware of this things which we lately know that it is very valuable.

In last hitting, you will farm fast and earn money. In denying own creep, the enemy hero laned with you will gain only 1/4 of the full experience a single creep will produce. With this system, your laned enemy hero will greatly suffer for it will not earn money and experience. As we all know, gaining experience and earning money is the most important things that you must have in playing DotA.

Imagine, excelling in this two things will produce an outstanding outcome. In order to acquire this last hitting and denying capability of a player, I suggest that you must practice doing it. Now, when you are used to do those things, you will be the most difficult player ever to be laned with.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Venomancer 1 on 1

VenomancerChoosing Venomancer on 1 0n 1 takes a lot of risk especially when the enemy is a disabler or nuker. I consider it lucky when it faces off a strength or agility type hero for the fact that almost all strength type heroes are melee ranged which gives a lot of advantage to Venomancer and agility type heroes which has low quantity of life and also favorable to him.

In my experience of using Venomancer, I found some way to match up with those disablers and stunners in 1 on 1 matches. I take advantage of casting Plague Wards which has a fast cooldown, low mana cost, and can't be damaged by spells. In my observation, the max Plague Wards you can use is 7-8 and imagine, each of them inflicts 42 damage and has a fine attack speed. With this advantage, creeps tends to attack the wards instead of you, and the effect is that you hold the lane by that ward. The main purpose of this wards is winning the game, not to kill enemy hero. Too bad for the enemies, the wards has much life and not that easy to kill. Just let me add some few tips, Plague Wards are affected by Mekansm, which means they are affected by Mekansm's instant life restoration. Isn't that great?

Continuing the process of casting Plague Wards, the effect would be winning the game with lots of great items to Venomancer. This strategy is also a good farming technique. You got a very high chance of last hitting creeps and even towers. Also, if you want to kill Roshan with ease, just use Plague Wards again and let him attack the wards. Don't forget to continue casting wards until Roshan dies.

These are the items you might end up with Venomancer in this strategy:
  • Linken's Sphere
  • Boots of Travel
  • Butterfly
  • Mjolnir
  • Buriza
  • Aghanim's Scepter

Friday, October 5, 2007

Priestess of the Moon: What Orb Effect to have?

In my experience of using Priestess of the Moon Mirana, at first, I spam her skill Starfall to farm and target to buy first some useful items like Vanguard for much life and later replace it with better items. Now, the question is, what orb effect item is very suitable for Mirana? Here is the following list and description on how it effects Mirana in the game:

Skadi - As we all know, having Skadi on the item slot gives such great aura on the hero when it has one. If Mirana has Skadi, it is very beneficial on her because it affects her offensively and defensively in the game. The Frost Attack is very useful for taking down enemies. At the same time, Skadi gives her lots of life and mana to spam all her useful skills.
Sange & Yasha - This item on her gives just a medium positive effect. Maiming enemies is great but its only by chance, unlike the Frost Attack which is per hit. She will acquire attack speed, movement speed, life, and some damage. Well, as one of the user of Mirana, Skadi and Sange & Yasha are stocking with range heroes. Obtaining both items is surely very beneficial on Mirana. Imagine the convenience on having both items on her.
Maelstrom/Mjolnir - Ok, lets talk about Mjolnir in here. Having this item gives only a very offensive effect on Mirana. This item gives huge additional damage, a good passive chain lightning on enemies only by chance, some armor, and attack speed of course. In my opinion, the purpose of having this item is purely through farming.
Desolator - Now, isn't this the cheapest among my list of orb effect here? Having Desolator on her is such a waste of time and money. This has nothing to do with her and even help to win in the battle. This is purely a self-fish item for me. This is just an item that increases your attack damage, that's all. I bet you can't kill enemy hero with this item on her.

That is all my opinion on such orb effect item possible Mirana might have in the game. Its up to us of course what item is more suitable with her. Also it all depends on the flow of the game, so better check the environment first before doing such act.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

MoM or SnY on Barathrum?

As for a Barathrum hero user, here's my usual build on him:
Bracer - Heart of Tarrasque
Bracer - Radiance/Black King Bar
Sange & Yasha
Vladmir's Offering/Linken's Sphere
Power Treads/Boots of Travel

For this build, I can manage to wander around the map and gank on enemy heroes easily. Obviously, HoT is for life purposes and a bit of damage. BKB is for anti spell. Sange & Yasha for attack and movement speed of course. Vladmir's for life steal, or linken for the better. Battlefury for pushing, and treads or BoT for movement speed purposes. I choose SnY on Barathrum because it has much more benefits than MoM. SnY for me is one of the must have items of Barathrum because it helps its skills and also increases his life. Also the maim effect is perfect for him. The MoM only gives life steal, attack speed, movement speed, that's all and its only temporary. As you can see, SnY is a beneficiary item for Barathrum.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Inside the Serpent Wards

Are you wondering why there is a space upon casting the Serpent Wards of Rhasta the Shadow Shaman?Well, for me, its originally made to trap someone inside of it to feel the massive damage of all the spitting wards. Now, anyone guess how to trap an opponent inside those wards exactly and accurately? For a team-to-team battle, its easy. A stunner is needed to execute this play. Once the opponent gets stunned, just cast directly the Serpent Wards onto it. And by means of solo performance, meaning executing this play with just Rhasta alone, you will be needing a Eul's Divine Scepter. Simply cast Cyclone to the opponent then cast Serpent Wards while still in the Cyclone. You will notice that the Cyclone with the opponent is in the middle of the Serpent Wards. Don't forget to control the wards. Simply select all of them then press the right-click button upon the opponent inside the Serpent Wards. After doing those, you are free to disable the opponent and give all you got to kill it. That's one of a hell killing techniques by Rhasta.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Obsidian Destroyer Domination

Harbringer is an int type hero. Has an attack range of 600. Got powerful offensive skills namely Astral Orb and Sanity's Eclipse. Now for the discussion, Harbringer originally created to boost its int for the main reason that it will surely pump him to a pure offensive player. His skill Astral Orb is a mana base magic attack. It deals a certain percentage damage remaining on the current mana. For level 1, 6%, level 2, 7%, level 3, 8%, and for level 4, its 9% remaining mana. Imagine the addtional damage for a certain attack that Harbringer will deal to the enemies. Also, his ultimate skill Sanity's Eclipse is base on the quantity of int that Harbringer has. The skill has a formula of how it will damage the enemy heroes. But I will not expalin it here, I suggest to just focus on pumping the value of mana and int of Harbringer. These are the items that will surely leave your opponents hanging around the tavern:

Mystic Staff (3 of this) - imagine one Mystic Staff provides +25 int. And you have 3 of them.
Aghanim's Scepter - such perfect item for Harbringer. Provides int and lots of mana.
Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse - helps in escaping or preventing to escape enemies. Also provide lots of int and mana.
Power Treads - basically for attack speed purposes because if you have this great items on Harbringer, any hero will be going to the tavern in a matter of seconds.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Deadly Chicken

I know for some reason that us DotA players are experimenting item and skill combinations with our favorite heroes. But does any of us try to include in our combination the 'Deadly Chicken'? Well, as we all know, chickens' main purpose is to hold items for us and buy items for us if we are not in the base. In my experiment, I upgraded my chicken into a Flying Courier to be able to move fast. Then, something comes into my mind to build a Dagon for it. I even upgraded it to level 5. Well guess what, it can kill a wounded hero escaping and even made a lot of 'kill-steal'. This strategy is not advisable for serious games. But it all depends on the player of course. Surely this will make a lot of fun in the game.