Friday, October 5, 2007

Priestess of the Moon: What Orb Effect to have?

In my experience of using Priestess of the Moon Mirana, at first, I spam her skill Starfall to farm and target to buy first some useful items like Vanguard for much life and later replace it with better items. Now, the question is, what orb effect item is very suitable for Mirana? Here is the following list and description on how it effects Mirana in the game:

Skadi - As we all know, having Skadi on the item slot gives such great aura on the hero when it has one. If Mirana has Skadi, it is very beneficial on her because it affects her offensively and defensively in the game. The Frost Attack is very useful for taking down enemies. At the same time, Skadi gives her lots of life and mana to spam all her useful skills.
Sange & Yasha - This item on her gives just a medium positive effect. Maiming enemies is great but its only by chance, unlike the Frost Attack which is per hit. She will acquire attack speed, movement speed, life, and some damage. Well, as one of the user of Mirana, Skadi and Sange & Yasha are stocking with range heroes. Obtaining both items is surely very beneficial on Mirana. Imagine the convenience on having both items on her.
Maelstrom/Mjolnir - Ok, lets talk about Mjolnir in here. Having this item gives only a very offensive effect on Mirana. This item gives huge additional damage, a good passive chain lightning on enemies only by chance, some armor, and attack speed of course. In my opinion, the purpose of having this item is purely through farming.
Desolator - Now, isn't this the cheapest among my list of orb effect here? Having Desolator on her is such a waste of time and money. This has nothing to do with her and even help to win in the battle. This is purely a self-fish item for me. This is just an item that increases your attack damage, that's all. I bet you can't kill enemy hero with this item on her.

That is all my opinion on such orb effect item possible Mirana might have in the game. Its up to us of course what item is more suitable with her. Also it all depends on the flow of the game, so better check the environment first before doing such act.


About said...

It is quite informative but it is not attractive for some viewers, maybe include some images....but still informative though...

sniper75 said...

you can't undersestimate the effect of the desolator, the negative armor effect is very usefull when targeting huge armor hero like sven(rouge knight) ect.
in my experience desolator is the best orb for mirana plus butterfly. why deso? like you said its the cheapest among the rest.

dim said...

These items are definitely the good orb effects for mirana. And you are right about checking the environment first.

For me, the best all around orb effect combo for mirana is Mjolnir and Eye of Skadi. It has frost effect and lightning works too. You can also have static field around you and at the same time you have higher hp so you can go inside clashes. I'll go for desolator only for heroes that have high damage reduction like bristleback. Good if you have a tank on your team too because this also means that you can't use skadi because both orb effects won't work. It is best to use desolator together with linken's sphere.

ễЩئ€‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ī said...

in mirana case i use mjornir when not 1-1,,cause im curious bout lyk razor he can use mjornir and scadi at the same tym the orbs combine mjornr not became orb effect hmmmpp!!!

Anonymous said...

Never say desolator is bad. 6 armors aint that bad. And that reduction sustains for a good 4 or 5 seconds at least. With 1 or 2 more allies hitting an enemy, it is even more effective compared to skadi

Jigzo said...

1.You have an informative guide indeed. But you're only focusing on late game strategy and item build for late game.

2. For 5v5 game, having mirana with Diffusal Blade is very effective. Leap, purge, attack, starfall... it should do the job already.

Ayammas-goreng said...

Erm...that interesting fact...but i think best item for mirana is mkb+sange/yasha...because high range of mirana give advantage for mkb(never miss) and speed of sange/yasha help we to kill most effective...xD

Nider F. Dela Cruz said...

hmm.for me desolator is good .for mirana .skudi is also better .

but thinks the best build for mirana is ,

manta style w/ sange yasha and buriza .

thnks its the best .

allso manta style satanic and buriza .thats all thnx.

sunnylean said...

but you need eatn a lot of money to spend on its(mirana) skill, is't it?