Tuesday, October 2, 2007

MoM or SnY on Barathrum?

As for a Barathrum hero user, here's my usual build on him:
Bracer - Heart of Tarrasque
Bracer - Radiance/Black King Bar
Sange & Yasha
Vladmir's Offering/Linken's Sphere
Power Treads/Boots of Travel

For this build, I can manage to wander around the map and gank on enemy heroes easily. Obviously, HoT is for life purposes and a bit of damage. BKB is for anti spell. Sange & Yasha for attack and movement speed of course. Vladmir's for life steal, or linken for the better. Battlefury for pushing, and treads or BoT for movement speed purposes. I choose SnY on Barathrum because it has much more benefits than MoM. SnY for me is one of the must have items of Barathrum because it helps its skills and also increases his life. Also the maim effect is perfect for him. The MoM only gives life steal, attack speed, movement speed, that's all and its only temporary. As you can see, SnY is a beneficiary item for Barathrum.


About said...

Nice post you got here, I've been looking for such combinations of item...i hope to see more...

john_dorian said...

bobo mo talaga puta. bakit ka maglilinkens kay barathrum kung may potential siyang maging perma-stunnner. tangina ang noob mo talaga. putangina talaga. bkb? wtf mehn. more movespeed=more damage and attack speed. basahin mo muna mga skills niya bago mag-post ng 'guide'. putangina mo. magjakul ka na lang tangina.noob. bobo