Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Obsidian Destroyer Domination

Harbringer is an int type hero. Has an attack range of 600. Got powerful offensive skills namely Astral Orb and Sanity's Eclipse. Now for the discussion, Harbringer originally created to boost its int for the main reason that it will surely pump him to a pure offensive player. His skill Astral Orb is a mana base magic attack. It deals a certain percentage damage remaining on the current mana. For level 1, 6%, level 2, 7%, level 3, 8%, and for level 4, its 9% remaining mana. Imagine the addtional damage for a certain attack that Harbringer will deal to the enemies. Also, his ultimate skill Sanity's Eclipse is base on the quantity of int that Harbringer has. The skill has a formula of how it will damage the enemy heroes. But I will not expalin it here, I suggest to just focus on pumping the value of mana and int of Harbringer. These are the items that will surely leave your opponents hanging around the tavern:

Mystic Staff (3 of this) - imagine one Mystic Staff provides +25 int. And you have 3 of them.
Aghanim's Scepter - such perfect item for Harbringer. Provides int and lots of mana.
Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse - helps in escaping or preventing to escape enemies. Also provide lots of int and mana.
Power Treads - basically for attack speed purposes because if you have this great items on Harbringer, any hero will be going to the tavern in a matter of seconds.

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vishwasr said...

Hi there .I like ur item build for obsidian destroyer . but i strongly feel since he already gets more damage from his 1st skilll.insteadof making an ulti upgrade its better to buy a hyperstone and build a assualt cruaiss .he gets armor and atk speed . he can hit more faster with the first skill combined . so there are my item build for him pls tell me wat u feel about it. powertreads, gunsooo,assault,at the last making shivas gaurd or blood stone might be of great help