Friday, August 31, 2007

Vengeful Spirit

Shendelzare Silkwood Vengeful Spirit
Vengeful is definitely one of my favorite heroes in DotA. She is very useful in team-to-team battles. I considered her as one of my favorites because you can dress her up with multiple builds. Meaning, there are many powerful combinations for her skills and items. Other heroes unfortunately has only one or two powerful and useful combinations. Her useful skills will dominate the game if used strategically.

My favorite build for Vengeful is support type. It has lots of benefits for you especially for the team. Her skills are so useful that all of them should be selected and maxed out. Her swap-stun combo is unbeatable especially when executing a backstab play. Command Aura and Terror are useful for pushing lanes. Simply buying Mekansm and Ring of Basilus or Vladmir's Offering for the better will surely pump your creeps up. Its like they are so called "Mega Creeps". The creeps near Vengeful now has increase damage, increase defense, life and mana regeneration, and the best of all is lifesteal.

This are the items for support type Vengeful which I definitely want to have:
  • Mekansm
  • Vladmir's Offering
  • Arcane Ring
  • Assault Cuirass
  • Sange&Yasha
  • Power Treads


IMMORTAL said...

your items are not bad, but try to buy power tread,desolater,cuirass,butterfly,buriza,monkey king bar,and see the results

Jayem said...

What the heck Vladimir? The lifesteal is only for melee heroes only don'cha know